Saturday, November 27, 2010

Philippine Farm

My parents would always make sure to bring me and my siblings to their respective farms whenever we get a chance to spend some long vacations at the province. I will never forget my very first farm trip experience – my first ride on top of a carabao, when we ate our lunch placed in banana leaves, the thrill I felt walking in the rice field, how I was amazed by the way the locals pick their fruits, my first taste of a sugar cane…and I was so young back then! These memories that retained in my young mind inspire me to know more about how life in a farm is. Yes, it always excites me to see new sites but what I love the most about travelling is visiting the familiar places that bring back some good old memories – like a Farm! Read more of our farm trip from my travel blog "It's a Farm Life"

There were a lot of fruit bearing trees my dad personally planted when he was there for a long vacation - we have lime, bananas, pomelo, mango and many more.  To finally see these trees grow and bloom makes me want to start an all fruit diet.

check out our daytrip to the farm video at

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