Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Southern Blooms (Amazing Floras and Faunas Up Close) Set 1

A day of relaxing at Lake Sebu means strolling around the naturally landscaped garden of Balben Family Cove and taking photos of plants in full blooms. This piece of land nourishes a collection of flowering plants in vibrant colors and indigenous ornaments in varied hues, shapes and textures.


slippers plant - if only i could wear these on my feet!

yellowbell's morning dew
i heart anthorium 

strawberry, anyone?

this is cleome or spider flower (accdg to Pexers)

can you spot tinkerbell?
the lady in the rose
pink rose
care to dance with the dancing lady?
dona luz?
burgundy rose
Torenia Fournieri, common name -  wishbone flower or bluewings (thanks silkylace of Pinoy Exchange)
is this ms. pineapple's sister? :)

Only with mindful curiosity can one discover each tiny growing plant. Only with enough patience and motivation to appreciate every bud unfolding in God's time, can one believe that indeed much is not seen with just a look. This makes Balben Family Cove an epitome of Hidden Garden.

These wonderful flowers were taken at Balben Family Cove in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines.

If you know the name of some of the flowers here, please leave a comment below. I would really love to learn what they're called. :)

Bookmark this page for the next set of Southern Blooms to be posted soon! (Update: Here's SET 2)

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  1. Hi Sarah . . . I followed your link posted at the Adgitize forum . . . your photos are AWESOME!

    We must live in similar climates since we can grow many of those plants here in Central Florida.

    Thanks for sharing . . . Gina

    Subtropical Gardening



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