Monday, January 3, 2011

Lake Sebu Summer Hiking Adventure

I had the chance to catch a quick look up on the forested mountains of Lake Sebu during our family’s Gift Giving Mission to the Tiboli Tribe. Last summer of 2010, I came back along with new faces as well as adventure seeking personalities.
hillside view from the road going to Barrio Siete, Lake Sebu
The adventure starts here!

My peg for our Mother Earth - Save it Now!
start of our 2 hour trek
hikers among giant trees (Amazon-like)
giant tree

I'm exhausted! I need drink!!!
The destination

trying to pass through fast water current
cousin and uncle standing right in front of the falls

Going right in front of the waterfall is not as easy as it looks given the strong gush of cold water.

feared alimatok
Fearless hikers with their alimatok bite marks
Playground of the free spirited

me with cousin Marianne and my sturdy bamboo stick

slippery downhill
read more about our Mountain Hiking at Lake Sebu at Travel Journal

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