Sunday, February 13, 2011

Newborn Kittens

2 Day Old Kitten
I was fortunate to have photographed this set of photos with newborn kittens as subjects. Late last year, a mother cat gave bird to 3 wonderful kittens at the open space of our house. This mom cat was never really a house pet, just a familiar face who sneeks the house during midnight and would go over the kitchen. We sometimes wake up with a dirty messy kitchen. Yup the cat has been a consistent unwanted visitor!
It seems to be that there are just creatures out there who can't be good mothers to their child. This mom cat snatched one of the black kitten by the neck, separated from his other siblings on Day 2.

watch their video below:

newborn kittens

We searched for the kitten. That same night, it rained, it rained really hard. We got worried for the black kitten. We placed the two on the empty back room of our house to get warmed up. The following morning, we heard a tiny cry. Yup, the black kitten was found all wet and cold. He looks terribly sick! We hurriedly placed him together with her two sisters (or brothers perhaps), wrapped with clean cloth and tried to feed him with lukewarm drink. We feel sad but at the same time amazed by the warm love the two others are giving him. They would go near him, it's like they know he's somehow in trouble and gave him the warmest hug they could give.
newborn kittens hug each other
tiny feet of a baby cat
pitiful black kitten all wet and cold
picture of the black kitten before he was snatched by his mother and left in the rain
I dedicate this post to these 3 lovely kittens who made me smile for 2 Days , it was really heartwarming to watch them care for each other. Day 3 was really sad. The black kitten passed away in the morning while the two passed away on the night of Day 3. They probably wanted to really be with each other. Unlike the mom who rejected them the very first day. Do you think cats have souls?


  1. They'll see each other in heaven. If ever you plan on adopting the mama cat, be sure to have her spayed. :)

  2. thanks for dropping by teecup! I find your site interesting to read. :) Sadly, we have no plans on adopting the mama cat, we already have our own Jewel(sphitz) last January. I'll post some of her pictures here soon :)

  3. Cute little kittens. Our cat also left us her 4 kittens when she passed away. She wasn't able to feed them after she gave birth because she's already sick that time so we just bought milk and feeding bottle so they will be able to survive. Now, they are already 2 months old. Sadly 1 of them died after their first month.

  4. so the mother cat left them all?

  5. @ Melai: Your mama cat can't take care of her kids because she's understandably sick, but our neighborhood cat left those poor cats alone, even leaving the black kitten alone on a cold rainy night. :(

  6. @ ping: Yup she left them all. Interestingly, she gave birth again a month ago and was shock to see the newborn kitten left in front of our neighbor's dog! Shocking really! A lot of us saw how excited the dog was, sort of seeing a delicious meal served right in front of him. Hay naku...



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