Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baguio: Botanical Garden

If you want to bring home a picture of Baguio's famous Igorot Tribe, Botanical Garden is the place to go. Although one of the most visited sites in Baguio, I find our visit in the garden nothing really exceptional compared with other tourit spots. There's really not much to be seen and do especially if you've already visited Tam-awan and other garden like themes in Baguio. But one thing I'd like to mention though are the huge statues that can be seen in the park area as well as the chance to mingle with the Igorot Tribe. :)

one of the statues that can be seen inside the park

Souvenir Shops at Botanical Garden
Botanical Park: Picnic Area

with the Igorot Tribe in front of Botanical Garden
The main entrance to the Baguio Botanical Garden is along Leonard Wood Road, between Teachers Camp and Wright Park.

How to get to Botanical Park?

By private transport:
From Session Road, head toward Leonard Wood Road. Past Teachers Camp, to your right, is the main entrance to Botanical Garden, where parking is available along the roadside.

By public transport:
There are many, many jeepney lines that pass Leonard Wood Road, all emanating from the Central Business District (Plaza) so ride one that indicates Plaza to the following places: Mines View, Pacdal, Beckel, Country Club, Navy Base, Tuding, Itogon. There are also many taxi cabs that you may take to and from Botanical Garden. (source)

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