Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Conquering Roads

Road travel has been a favorite stress buster for me especially when the long drive passes by beautiful countrysides. For the past four years, I go around the city by means of commuting, learning to love the thrill of riding jeeps and the mrt. For so long, I have been accustomed to traveling by private car until the family decided to get rid of it to give way for the much needed cash at that time. Since then, I embrace the reality of becoming an independent road traveler.
Mall of Asia roads
on the way to Vigan via Partas Bus
I personally like to travel at night when there's lesser traffic and the air is much cooler. However, driving at night has its downsides as accidents mostly happen after sundown. My recent trip from Baguio to Vigan via Partas Bus Liner was quite scary because of the steep winding roads with lots of sharp turns with no available street lights on most areas. One wrong move, the bus could hit rock bottom! Good thing the company boasts of its skilled drivers. But honestly, the trip kept me awake the whole 5 hour trip. I strongly suggest for those traveling with their private vehicles to double check your cars  for it just might need a much needed car repair. And with the advent of today's technology, car owners can easily manage their car repairs and maintenance online, just like this website. It pays to make sure your cars are on its perfect condition before hitting the road to create that fun and stress free road trip experience.

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  1. Good to know you're comfortable hitting the road by yourself, Sarah. I also like to travel late at night and before the crack of dawn. The time has a calming effect on me. For the most part though, driving stresses me out. I usually take the public transpo unless my brother himself does the driving. :)



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