Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Jewel of the House

Here are some of photos of our jewel at home, nope not those precious gem stones, but it's definitely valued 10 times more than expensive stones because this dear jewel is adding life and fun to our family. Most of us are not much into wearing fancy accessories, we, however named our half Japanese sphitz half aspin as Jewel as it was the name my dear Aunt Lily wanted. We're actually planning to give her a Japanese name, but we all agreed "Jewel" fits just right.
Jewel, our cutey half Japanese sphitz half aspin petdog
My uncle dropped her off at our house last January. And although she's probably exhausted on her first long drive, she began to run and hop around the house and made her first pee...inside! Oh yeah, her first mark of control! She came from mom's childhood friend, Tita Elreca, who have been tending some dog breeds for years and Jewel is their youngest. Realizing that our family wanted to own one, she was really kind to gift us Jewel. Surprisingly, one of the photos I have on my vision board is a cute full breed Japanese sphitz and although Jewel here may not be of full breed, I know she's an answered dream and I'm extremely happy for having her :)

The above photos were taken when she was just 3 months old. Someone said she looks like a fox slash guinea pig! But just like the tale of the ugly duckling, we notice that Jewel is looking more beautiful each day.  Here she is right now at 5 months old:
it's play time for Jewel!
Jewel at 6 months old
Jewel at 8 months
our beautiful Jewel
I just found myself recently too engrossed into taking photos of our dog that I'm thinking of making a photo blanket with her pictures on it before she grows too old. I know it's too mushy but what can I do, I love Jewel!

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