Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photos from TRQ 2.0 Seminar

During the last quarter of 2010 I had this rare opportunity to see face to face the country's well known people when it comes to Financial Management specifically in the fields of Real Estate, Internet Marketing and Wealth Attraction.
Trace Trajano with TRQ 2.0 attendees
The second Think Rich Quick seminar held last October in Makati were attended to by hundreds of Filipinos who wanted to learn Trace's unconventional way of investing in real estate, from finding good deals to marketing properties. Something average real estate agents and brokers may have probably no clue about.

Prominent speakers were Jomar Hilario, John Calub and Larry Gamboa together with his son who also talked about the benefits of having an application to manage real estate business as well as his then upcoming comic book about Manny Pacquiao.

John Calub gave all of us attendees a couple of tickets to his then upcoming Money Magnet Seminar and a  huge discount to Attracting Wealth Seminar. I also bought home very informative freebies from Jomar Hilario that has helped me with working online. You too can get Jomar as your mentor by signing up to his Social Mentoring Club.

Below are some of the photos I've captured during the 2 day seminar.

Jomar Hilario
Trace congratulating the person who bought in the biggest amount of money
Trace announcing the total cash the TRQ2 attendees generated
that day alone within 30 minutes - Php 200M  plus!
Larry Gamboa and son Victor
I fully recommend attending the seminars these people conduct for you will surely learn a lot with regards to money opportunities and mindset. Don't have the cash to attend? You might want to start with this website to access free budget planner that might help you start with.

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