Sunday, May 29, 2011

Superferry: Welcome Aboard!

These photos were taken last 2008 during my trip from Manila to General Santos aboard the Superferry. Thank goodness t'was a nice comfy ride. Read about my Superferry trip here.

Superferry Sun Deck

Horizon Cafe's Bangus Sisig

General Santos Pier
Superferry currently have 6 vessels: SuperFerry 1, SuperFerry 2, SuperFerry 5, SuperFerry 12, SuperFerry 20 and SuperFerry 21. For those who plans on travelling south via Superferry, you can choose from these accommodation:
Super Value (Economy - Non Aircon)
Mega Value (Economy - Aircon)

Enjoy your meal either at Horizon Cafe which is located at the upper portion of the ship or at Island Fiesta (get ready for the long lines) or get snacks at their Mini Mart. Want to look good before your grand arrival? Get your much desired hair-do at the parlor (yes they have one!) To kill time, simply admire the sun, the sea and feel the wind at the sun deck area - just sit there and relax... 

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