Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 3 Things I love about Canon Ixus 80IS

Last May 2008, few weeks before my birthday, I decided to buy my first ever digital camera as a birthday gift to myself. I have always looked forward to replacing our family's Canon Prima BF 800 - it's just too old, boring and soooo outdated! So upon checking out a few digital cameras at SM, my eyes got captivated at this stylish, slim, silver 8 megapixel digicam - the Canon Ixus 80IS. It was Canon's newest offering at that time. It was priced at Php18,000 plus freebies. I thought, "Ok, you're way too pricey compared to my Nikon FM10 SLR, but I'll get you."

Days after I went back with my hard earned savings. But this time, the silver color is no longer available so I just contented myself with the available pink. I'm not much fan of pink colors but as I stared long at it, I actually began to love its candy pink touch. And immediately after I swiped my atm card, I found myself at the Folded and Hung Store getting my Summer freebie :)

Fast forward, this slim and sexy gadget has been my travel buddy for 3 years. Although sometimes I tend to get frustrated, I'll give my pink digital camera Canon Ixus 80IS an A grade. Especially when I use it during those quick snapshots. It's just too handy and friendly. It's not like those DSLRs where you have to think twice before using it during boat rides or too-close-to-the-beach moments.

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Canon Ixus 80IS:

1. Digital Macro
flower shot using Digital Macro feature of Canon Ixus 80IS (image source - Balben Family Cove)
I also love that because of Digital Macro, I can get to as close as this to animals knowing that I'll get a good clear dramatic shot :)

2. Stitch Assist
The camera also has a stitch assist feature. It allows photographer to stitch together photos if you want to capture the beauty of your subject in much wider shot. This is a handy feature especially if you're not contented shooting it with the camera's widescreen option. 

3. Video quality
Splash Island Video

Ever since I tried my hands on video editing (inspired of course from my past production work for ABS-CBN) using just my digital camera, I happily got addicted to it and has since made close to a hundred edited videos. Watch my latest video taken during our North Luzon Trip. By the way, I'm using Windows movie maker for video editing. 

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