Monday, June 20, 2011

Just For Fun: The Rocker Monkeys Belts out their Latest Single

A few days ago, my father went home for his twice a year vacation from work overseas. And just like any other overseas workers, we were all gifted with huge boxes of stuff – clothes, food, accessories and other imported essentials. Talking about fast, free shopping :)

Among the many pasalubongs Dad bought home, here's one we definitely fell in love with - two monkeys all dressed up rocker style singing "You are my Gummy bear, You are my Gummy bear..."

singing monkeys (rocker style)
We couldn’t help but laugh and get crazy after we’ve seen them perform, definitely an interesting stuff toy even adults could play once in a while. It helps get rid of stress, I tell you!

Aside from the fun song this duo performs, one couldn't ignore their funky fashion statement! I may not consider myself a fashionista, but their rockin' metallic vests, eccentric hairstyles and stylish sunglasses make me want to go shop for some chic online eyeglasses as well. These two cutie monkeys make me feel so embarrassed of my closet! I bet it’s fun to make a fashion statement with avant-garde pieces that become conversation-starters.
The style...

The music and the moves...

I think no other creature on earth could best sport that outfit except for these talented rockers, don’t you agree?
the singing duo sneaking at the sleeping Jewel
Our puppy named Jewel gets easily annoyed every time she hears these two cute rocker monkeys sing. Could they be out of tune?

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