Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Zoom Effect

One morning I got inspired to practice a technique posted from one of my favorite photography website, the Digital Photography School. The technique is called the Zoom Effect.  In essence, the zoom effect is a picture which look like the subject is either moving towards or away from you with motion lines. For sure this kind of effect can be Photoshop but I tell you, it's a lot more exciting doing it right through a camera click.  

I read carefully the tips shared and started moving and swinging my camera right on the computer keyboard as my subject til I got the shot I wanted. Using my point and shoot camera Canon Ixus 80IS here's one of the images I was able to capture.
Zoom Effect on Keyboard
I like how the letters from the keyboard looks like they're about to leave the keyboard and they're sort of releasing a mystic smoke. It takes a lot of shots, a steady hand because you're manually doing the zoom and practice to master this kind of effect and I've got a long way to go. I think I would be using this technique more often especially on my out of town trips to get more interesting photos.

Here are the details for this particular shot:
Digital Macro
ISO 80
F-stop 2.8
Exposure 0.8sec

To learn more about Mastering the Zoom Effect, click the link below:

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