Sunday, August 28, 2011

On Finding Love Online

My dad has been working abroad for the past 10 years or so. Since then, our family witnessed and experienced firsthand the communication between OFWs and their families and how it has evolved, from post mailed handwritten letters to a now short easy PM's, chats and even voice calls online. People’s fascination of the internet has just been anything but pure bliss, making the life of an OFW and families left at home much more stress-free.

Dad feasting on Kebab | side pictures taken during his unforgettable mission in Iraq (yes, that was scary!)
It is with this reason why finding lasting love in the virtual world may be no less certain than in the real world. But there are so many single and ready to mingle adults and ehem, even the not-so-young adults turning to matchmaking sites in hopes of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. You see, you can easily choose even your preferred nationality of your ideal mate, not to mention you get to see their faces very quickly without even booking a flight, an affordable webcam would do the trick! 

Finding love online today doesn't just mean finding your future partner from top dating sites. With "Facebook" and "Youtube" evident on just any household these days, it's much easier to connect and rekindle with loved ones from afar.
Dad working abroad
I am personally grateful for these so-called social networking sites. Gone are the days where mom and I would still commute all the way to Makati just to send out some letters or packages for dad and to receive a couple of printed photos from him. Now, we're just a hand-clicked away from knowing each other's current happenings.

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