Thursday, November 10, 2011

Partying with the Black Eyed Peas

Last October 25, I was lucky to finally catch one of my favorite groups of all time at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, the Black Eyed Peas. We danced and sang to our hearts out and partied the night away.

The concert was a surprise invitation from a friend who offered me a free ticket on the day of the said concert itself. I was working on my usual online routine, something like that of Tim Ferriss 4 hour work week when I received her message. Thanks to my "no-definite-schedule" kind of work, I agreed to the invite of course, without much thinking. Who wouldn't want to see Fergie, Will.I.Am, Taboo and our kababayan pride Apl de Ap perform live?
Black Eyed Peas at the SM Mall of Asia concert Grounds
When we finally set foot on the concert grounds, my excitement was shortly cut with disappointed as we realized we're too far from the stage area and we can't see what's really happening on stage. They're like ants, so boo for the bronze section! But I couldn't complain, a free concert ticket is already a steal. Finding a good spot in a jampacked concert ground was tricky, but nevertheless still possible. Surprisingly, we found a better spot when we moved even further, now I can see the stage! Still small but with the heart pumping good music, perfect weather and when everyone around you is jumping and singing, what more can you ask for. Would love to take more photos but the beat is so irresistible, I can hardly stay still. Partying in a concert like this is also a good fun tip on how to gain muscle mass fast. Really, try jumping, dancing and singing for 3 hours and you'll see immediate results :)

This is definitely a good night! Check out a short video I took during the concert and know what it feels like to party with the B.E.P.

Sadly, later that evening, Fergie announced that they'll be taking a break. There was a short sad moment on stage as she started to shed tears, hugging his BEP brothers but the group wanting to continue on with the happy-party-vibe started singing with "I Got a Feeling". And it was definitely a good night with the concert ending with an impressive firework display.

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