Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crowning Ms. BellaGene

During our company's anniversary celebration, one of the highlights of the event is the "Ms. BellaGene Pageant". It seeks not only to promote country-wide the latest beauty product called BellaGene but also aims to empower women candidates and showcase not only their outer beauty but also inner radiance and smarter outlook in life.
Ms. BellaGene winner with other candidates
10 contestants competed for the crown and title to become the first Ms. BellaGene 2012. Thousands of distributors, leaders, stockist owners as well as foreign delegates from the U.S., Mexico and Malaysia attended this much awaited event. It is by far the grandest celebration of Gano iTouch anniversary in the Philippines.

The contest like many beauty pageants started off with presentation of candidates in their national costume. Since the theme for this year's anniversary is "Mabuhay Pilipinas, Kaisa sa Mundo ng Gano Excel",  I believe it was a smart way to introduce to our foreign guests the beauty and colors of Philippine culture. The talent portion was a total enjoyment with candidates singing and dancing, we were like watching a noontime entertainment show. To spice up the evening, the candidates ramped on stage on their red bikinis  sporting their fitter curves for the swimwear competition looking fresh from a possible clean cleanse diet. This was followed by the long gown competition. Obviously, a beauty pageant wouldn't be complete without the question and answer portion.

The program lasted 7 freakin' hours, although entertaining, it was more than we could chew. We left the venue hungry for dinner. But all in all, it was a glam up night to remember.

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