Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photos: Sabang Beach, Palawan

panoramic view of Sabang Beach
We stayed and took our lunch at Sabang Beach while waiting for our scheduled afternoon trip at the Underground River. Sabang Beach is hugely popular to tourists as it's the where most packaged tours with free buffet lunch is given.

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the more popular part of Sabang Beach
Right after lunch, we were given an option whether to just stay or go to the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour and Palawan's newest adventure attraction - the Sabang Zipline. We chose to tour and learn more about other Palawan activities, boarded the van again and after a very short ride arrived at the forest of mangrove trees with the more secluded Sabang Beach just a few steps away. With tour guide Grace and driver fondly called "Soco" we accompanied fellow travelers and newlyweds to the Sabang Zipline. 
from Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour to a less popular part of Sabang Beach
We didn't try the zipline, that's worth Php550 where you still have to trek at di na kaya nina auntie, but I'll make sure to try this when I get back to Palawan. I feel safer here kahit mas mahaba to at 800m compared with Lake Sebu's zipline since dagat ang sasalo dito just in case something wrong happen, yun lang South China Sea naman! Photo op muna while waiting for the honeymooners :)
end point of Sabang Zipline
800meter Sabang Zipline
maaraw na foreground, maulan na background!
Sabang snapshot
parked boat at Sabang Beach

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