Friday, May 11, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

In just a few days, I will be celebrating my birthday. But other than that, this particular month of May is a month that calls for multiple celebrations for our family, naming me and my brother's birthday, Mother's day, my parents anniversary and my OFW dad's return for a short vacation - that's 5 important occasions in one month. I never really got to celebrate my birthday throwing a lavish glittery party - I don't splurge for my birthday parties - nothing fancy and nothing pricey. An intimate dinner celebration with family and close friends is enough to make my day extra special.

I have a lot of birthday wishes of course, I'm a type of girl who dreams! So when I got an email that there's a chance for me to SHOP FOR FREE courtesy of Nuffnang and Zalora, I thought this could be a drop of blessing from heaven! And I always feel good when I get to share my blessings, especially with my family.

Now let me share with you "My ZALORA Wishlist" consisting of clothes and accessories for each deserving member of the family.

1. For Mom as a Mother's Day gift - Cowl neckline blouse with convertible collar from Missy

Mom is always the type who never splurge for herself. Like most mommies out there, she takes care of herself last. It's not easy to raise a child today, but mom stands out as she devotes her life and time to her 7 children. It's pretty impressive how mom worked hard raising the 7 of us, her calm disposition, soft spokenness, sweet smile, meekness, caring hands, thoughtfulness, listening heart, courage, strength and love. Yes we're a big family and I would like to honor mom by giving her this simple gesture of appreciation with a new blouse she can wear during special family occasions. In months time would be my younger brother's college graduation and I want her to feel good and appreciated by gifting her with this simple but stylish top from Missy. Mom is synonymous to simplicity and I know she'd be comfortable wearing this kind of blouse.

2. For my OFW Dad as a token of appreciation for all the hardwork and sacrifices - HRM. FA20M Heart Rate Monitoring Unit from Polar

It's hard enough to be away and work 5000 miles away from your family, but it's much harder to deal with stress and health issues all by yourself with no family member to look after you when you're feeling sick and low. This accessory/health gadget with its simple but elegant design is what I want to give to dad, he needs it there in Qatar. Dad's currently based in Qatar but he also fought the emotional stress way back when he worked in Iraq during the war. I salute my father for the bravery, love and sacrifice he's giving to our family. My dad may not be into sports but he regularly jogs and exercise, controls his diet and into other healthy activities. Gifting him this heart rate monitoring wrist watch would help me worry less knowing that dad could easily track his fitness performance. This should be a perfect homecoming gift to our provider, adviser and responsible father.

3. For my brother celebrating his birthday this May and who's about to start a new career - Hoody Jacket with false pocket detail from 101 New York

My brother like many nurses out there in the Philippines has his fair share of difficulty working in and out in an environment he wishes to belong to, sadly, still with no decent income he can enjoy. For now, as he decided to embark in a different career, I wish to gift him with this jacket as a birthday and start-up present for sure he'll be wearing a lot in one corner of an ice-freezing office. I wish him success whatever path he takes.

4. For my parents celebrating their 30th anniversary this May - K YUBIN SPIN 69 from Kipling

Mom and dad flies almost every year to our hometown in Southern Mindanao for a visit and travelling with one of the lightest trolleys in the market would be much easier and comfortable for my parents. Now at age 50 plus, I want them to say goodbye to heavy backpacks and bulk hard-to-carry luggage bags, for they both  deserve the best comfort and traveling light is the way to go.  I also wish to see my parents to travel more together and hopefully this bag would inspire them both to see the world they deserve to enjoy. 
5. As a birthday gift to myself - K FIREFLY N from Kipling

Can I just first say, this bag's a genius! I love the styling, the design and the idea that you could wear it either as a shoulder strap or a backpack. It's the perfect day bag I need for my weekend travels and day to day's outdoor errands. I would love to have this for my upcoming birthday as my travel essential even a party company. 

Thoughts about online shopping

It was during 2008 when I was first introduced to online shopping. Wanting to add extra cash to my savings, I tried my hands on to the then booming online shopping industry, opened an account as a seller and started advertising some of my personal stuffs on the internet. The idea of selling and shopping online was a thrill and I was surprise to see and experience firsthand the trust given by shopaholics to sellers. I just quit my job back then and online shopping introduced me to the whole new world of internet marketing. Life has never been the same again...

When the seller becomes the shopper

Fast forward to 4 years and after putting in a couple of dollars in my pocket, I learned to respect, understand and make use of the power of an online shopping experience. I sure still love shopping on malls and flea markets, but with limited time and with summer's intense heat, I might just as well buy something I need from the comfort of my home (office) chair!   

What makes this shopping website Zalora a heaven for cyberspace shoppers is its clean and chic web design - clear photos and detailed product info - easy to navigate website - fast customer service - customer friendly approach to newbies. It's great enough even for a discriminating online shopper. In addition, what sets Zalora apart from other online retail stores is that it carries a variety of known brands proud Pinoy fashionistas look up to. But if you think that Zalora is just for walking barbies out there, fret not - there are great fashion finds for EVERYONE!

On my upcoming birthday, I fervently hope that God and the universe will grant my Zalora wishlist this summer. I don't really want to classify myself as cheap, but most of my savings were either put to insurance or have been paid for my siblings college tuition fees that I find myself staying away from shopping to my hearts content, but somehow this contest made me feel a guilt-free shopping, especially that it's for the people I love.

Please hear me out Zalora! I would be the happiest birthday girl if I get to share some fab gifts to my equally deserving family. 

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