Friday, January 10, 2014

Davao Pride: Tribu K'Mindanawan Fire Dancing Photos and Video

Tribu K'Mindanawan 

Here are some photos captured on our trip to Crocodile Farm during the Kadayawan Festival 2013. Davao's talented fire dancers, known to be as Tribu K'Mindanawan performed their jaw dropping fire dancing tricks in front of visitors. Make sure to watch the video too!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Canon Powershot SX50HS Captures: Moon

Test shot: Moon photo taken using Canon Powershot SX50HS

Last December 21, 2013, I finally got the chance and money to buy the camera I've been eyeing for months, the Canon Powershot SX50HS. It's definitely an upgrade to my ancient Canon Ixus 80IS. Don't get me wrong, that point and shoot has served me efficiently for years. It's a very light camera that captured 99% of the pictures seen in this blog. A travel buddy for six years that I decided to give the Ixus a rest for a while now that the Powershot is here.     

My main reason why I choose the Canon Powershot SX50IS over any newly released DSLRs out there? It weighs lighter than usual dslrs (which makes it a great travel camera), it's cheaper (need I say more) and best of all, it's a super zoom camera - 50X baby! It simply makes this camera an outstanding photography gear.

So on the first night that I bought the powershot, I took one its famous test shot - the moon shot. To make the shot even more special, the night of December 26, Philippines experienced the longest night of the year or what experts call the winter solstice. It marks the time when the sun lies at its farthest point south of the equator, PAGASA said. Darkness will set in at 5:32 p.m. and last until 6:16 a.m. the following day, or 12 hours and 44 minutes of nighttime. 

moon as seen from our house window

handheld: more zoom and you get to see this amazing view of the moon...


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