Friday, June 3, 2011

Going Gumasa

The photos below were taken by my brother during his recent trip to Gumasa, Glan in Saranggani Province. I have been yearning for so long to see for myself and enjoy the beach locals often referred to as the "Boracay of the South." In the meantime, I have these photos as inspiration. :)
Gumasa Glan
Coco Beach Resort

beach toys!
Glan's 1st Mahin Festival
beach goers
This town is noted for its beaches – where the festival was named after.

Mahin, a B’laan word for “beach,” was used to name the festival to give honor to the original inhabitants of this town – the B’laan indigenous people.
 Glan Mayor Victor James Yap, Sr

contestants during the Bikini Open Competition


  1. The contestants of the bikini competition look like participants of Barzil's Carnival! Looks f-u-n!

  2. I agree. Outfit kung outfit di ba! Next year siguro mas grand pa ang celebration since first year pa lang ng Mahin Festival.



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