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Is your Smartphone Smarter Enough to be Genius?

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What does it really takes to become a genius? Wiki says the word Genius is something or someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.

Given the complexity of life today, from working as a domestic diva to being a model employee, one thing's for sure - that ordinary people, like me, can find ways to make everyday struggles into something GOOD. Much like being the entrepreneur who finds solutions to man's problems. One company certainly knows this. The company that believes Life's Good but they're always trying to make it even better.

For our family, LG has certainly become more than just a household name, we live with it!

We watch with him all the time...
LG Plasma TV
and we fill him with delicious food...
LG Refrigerator
Today, thanks to new products from LG Electronics, it’s no longer enough to just own a regular smartphone: it has to be GENIUS!

 So what makes a smartphone a genius phone? 


video promo of LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X Features
  • World's First Dual Core Smartphone
  • Quick Application Start-Up
  • Jet Speedy Internet Browsing
  • Multi-task Without Any Lag
  • Full HDMI Mirroring
  • 1080p Recording and Playback
  • True Visual Gaming
  • DLNA thru Smartshare
  • 8M Cam with LED Flash (1.3M Front Cam for VT)
LG Optimus Black

LG Optimus Black Feature
  • Display Innovation NOVA Display 700 NIT IPS LCD
  • Color Gamut enhanced by 32% compared to the competitor display
  • True white web page view
  • Consumes 50% less power
  • Thinnest at 9.2 mm smartphone
  • 109g lighter
stay back a few feet from the screen to read the "word" clearly

Truly, style meets function with LG mobile phones.

According to reports, "Filipino mobile phone users will shift to Internet-capable ‘smartphones’ in large numbers over the next two to three years."

I've never owned one honestly. After my phone got stolen which I bought at a pricier tag, it left me with no other choice but to content myself at least for the meantime with a much cheaper mobile phone which quite frankly just don't deliver! At least not as a "gadget partner" I expected it to be.

Let my puppy tell you more about my current mobile phone...

Who wants a boring poor quality photo? And they say it's 3.2 megapixel?!!
(above photo was captured using my current phone)

opens one application at a time....zzzz....

wifi connectivity, suuppperrr SLOW naman!!!

And now thanks to new products from LG Electronics, it’s no longer enough to just own a regular smartphone: it has to be GENIUS!

Personally, there are certain features that makes me most excited about LG's newest offerings:

First is Optimus 2x 1080p Recording and Playback. I've been recording videos from my travels and/or events and then editing them afterwards to make more enjoyable to watch. I'm using my digital camera for this hobby but I'm also looking forward to be able to capture great quality videos using this smartphone. Not only that, I can instantly share those videos on bigger screen because Optimus 2x also integrates with DLNA and allows HDMI mirroring therefore allowing Optimus 2x to output on suitable HDTV. My 88 year old grandma can now enjoy watching my video creations on bigger screen (like our LG Plasma TV) and in full vivid colors! (walang kapalit na pera yan!)

Second is its Jet Speedy Internet Browsing and Dual Core Mobile Phone Processor. I can open different applications and webpages at the same time and therefore can multi-task. For someone like me who works and do business online, fast internet + fast transaction = fast cash! I need a gadget that can keep pace with my "speed." Doing business online via mobile internet would be one of the greatest and most convenient solution it could provide for seasoned and wanna be entrepreneurs. And with LG Optimus 2x brilliantly holding the Guinness record for being the World's first Dual Core smartphone, that my friends is more that just plain bragging rights, it's pure Genius!

And because Optimus Black is only 9.2mm thin and 109g light, it doesn't just look sleek and stylish, I'll have no problem bringing it with me anytime, anywhere. It's like having the whole world in my pocket. I would no longer need a netbook nor look for nearest internet shop.

Third is its true white web page views and larger display screen. Being a member of the "Four-eyed Club", I need a gadget that is eye friendly, allowing me to read clearly and a screen that can be viewed perfectly whether I'm just lounging at home or enjoying the sun free from unwanted glare.

Lastly is its 8M camera. You've probably heard of people saying, "Hindi porket may dSLR ka, photographer ka na." It's also much like, "Nakapag-aral ka nga ng photography, ang low-tech naman ng camera mo!" Just take a look at my cute puppy's blurry, poor quality ("boring" photo) above. My phone right now is just not the perfect camera-phone companion for a shutterbug like me. Sure I would love to have a DSLR, but I know I can't bring it with me all the time. Having a dslr would also mean getting myself a chunkier tripod and heavy, longer lenses. Add all of those up and that would push me to break the bank. And for someone like me who knows the importance of buying an "asset", I'd rather go for LG Optimus.

Definitely, I need a phone that's more than just a tool for sending sms and calling peeps, I need something that can act as an assistant that can multi-task, a money making machine and a gadget that inspires every creative genius.

I believe owning an LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black is a good investment. It's fun to be in the company of a genius (with a really super fast brain), it just makes your life better. Plus it'll make my dear puppy happy!

As you can see, Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!

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