Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Sunrise to Sunset (Views Back Home)

A Highway's Sunrise
This shot (above) was taken a few months ago when I got the urge to wake up really early to do some online tasks. Little did I expect to see something as magnificent as this outside our window from where our desktop sits. What an early morning surprise, a bloody red sunset that can also be seen at the highway (our house is just a few blocks from south super highway).

A Sunset's Rainbow/s
Just last week, my sister called me to check out the rainbow seen at the back of our house garden. There are 2 rainbows actually but it took me quite some time go out and check it for myself, the other rainbow has lightly faded. As I look around, I saw my neghbors also taking pictures. With a little help from my Canon Ixus sunset feature, it got a more dramatic look. I personally love taking sunset photos, they're calm yet vibrant. With images of silhouettes, contrasting textures, colors of red, orange and blues playing makes up a good image composition. We've seen them a thousand times, yet I'm still touched every single time. They seem to have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

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